Monday, October 3, 2011

Going forward with Uist: TouchSheep

The answer to making hardware more accessible and appealing to younger audiences?
Put it inside a stuff animal and make it a puppet!

Introducing TouchSheep.....

Microsoft TouchMouse inside a cute white and black toy sheep

Yes, that is our Microsoft TouchMouse inside a Sheep stuffed animal. Effectively, our TouchSheep! Surgery did happen on our sheep. I took out most of the stuffing inside and replaced it with our comparatively heavy mouse. To keep it from falling and slipping in place I fasten it with and elastic frame. Later when we realized the thick fur was interfering with reading and tracking of the mouse and consequently had to cut off the bottom underneath the TouchMouse, my teamate added velco!
I also sewed the sheep's legs to lie flat, splayed to the side so that when the mouse moves on the map the legs do not get in the way.

Also, since we want the sheep to be used as a puppet, I cut a hole in the back of the sheep and made a space for two fingers to be inserted. Since our TouchMouse is gesture sensitive, we needed to make sure that the gesterue we make could be felt through the fabric. I designed it so that the touchpad part of the puppet was right under the now so I plucked that part of the fur so that only the thread under structure showed. That was enough for the gestures to be felt! For comfort, there's now a fabric separating the stuffing from your finger.

Hopefully future users will enjoy interacting with our TouchSheep!

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